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Money Saving Tips


How to Save Money on Groceries

  1. Utilize Coupons
    1. Paper Coupons- Can be found in the Sunday newspaper, in the mail, online, at the grocery store
      1. The following are websites that allow consumers to print paper coupons: coupons.com, redplum.com, smartsource.com, target.com
    2. e Coupons- coupons that can be loaded directly onto a shopping card, such as a Kroger Card
      1. once coupons are loaded onto the shopping card and a consumer buys an item for which they have loaded an e-coupon onto their shopping card, the amount of the coupon is automatically subtracted from their total
      2. The following are websites that allow consumers to add e-coupons onto a shopping card: cellfire.com, shortcuts.com, Kroger.com, pgesaver.com
      3. The websites listed above are great for people who have a difficult time using paper coupons
  2. Review weekly sales ads
    1. Try to buy items when they are on sale vs. when you run out.
  3. Always make a Grocery List for at least a week of groceries
    1. Knowing what you need to buy for the week prevents you from spending money on unnecessary items.
    2. It also prevents you from making multiple trips to the grocery store during the week.
  4. Know the stores coupon policy
    1. Ask if coupons are doubled,  if they accept competitor coupons (coupons with another stores logo), if they match advertised prices of their competitors
  5. Utilize websites and blog that show you great deals available at store in you area
    1. There are websites that show consumers what items are on sale at specific stores and also match theses items to coupons that are available to maximize savings.
    2. The following are websites that show consumers what deals are available at stores in their area: couponmom.com, savingcentswithsense.net, totallytarget.com, southernsavers.com, printablecouponsanddeals.com




o    Create a new email address to begin using to receive emails on products that you use or would like to begin using

o    Find the websites of the products that you use and purchase or would like to purchase.  If there are no coupons listed on the website, try leaving a comment or email to the company telling them how wonderful the product is for you and your family.  Or if there is a problem that you find with the product that you use to use, then email the company to let them know.  Most of the time, they welcome the feedback (whether negative or positive) and they will send you coupons or samples to get you to continue or reconsider using the product.

o    Subscribe to the product website to receive special offers

o    Utilize facebook for coupons and samples of products that you like or use by clicking the like button and becoming a fan of the page

o    Ask stores that you shop in regularly how often they mark down items and when they do it (if it’s on certain days). 

o    Include a small group of friends to help you and you help them keep up with sale items and upcoming sale items

o    Shopping for items on clearance and stocking up on those items is a way of saving money also