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The Mission of Central Arkansas Mocha Moms

The Mission of Central Arkansas Mocha Moms
Chandra Williams-Davis - Tue Apr 12, 2011 @ 01:30PM
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From 1997-2006 I was an elementary teacher in Dallas ISD.  Between 2004-2006, I got married and had two little girls.  Both girls were premature and had lots of health issues.  Boy did my life change, and quickly!  No more carefully made out plans, no getting up and going, none of that.  Going out the door meant packing a well stocked diaper bag, and allowing time for that inevitable diaper change that was always needed before walking out the door.  But by September of the 2006 school year, I was worn out.  I was out of sick days, the girls were not getting any better and something had to give. My entire check was going to childcare, and you know you still have to pay even if they aren't there.  So, October 10, 2006 after lots of conversations with my husband and my principal, I left my life as Mrs. Davis the teacher, and became a stay at home mommy.  I found out about Mocha Moms and inquired about with the North Dallas Chapter.  I just couldn't get it together to get to meeting- I was depressed about leaving my job, the girls were sick, the loss of income bothered me, so much... January, 2007 I went to the first meeting of the year and I joined.

July 1, 2007 we relocated to Little Rock, AR.  From August 2007-December 2008, I taught in LRSD, but my oldest daughter got really ill again and I stopped working.  There was no way, She had therapy 4 days a week:  PT, OT, and Speech.  From the time we moved here, I always talked Mocha Moms up, but no one really wanted to step up and get it going.  During this time, I realized no one could or would ever take care of my babies like me.  By the time I resigned, I'd met a few stay at home moms and we got together and went through the process and chartered.  By the way- I had another baby in 2009 while we were still in the chartering process!

But my passion for Mocha Moms came and stayed because like me, there are so many moms who make the choice to be home to care for their families.  Not because, 'We got it like that'.  But because childcare expenses make working useless. Because all the rushing to get them to school on time and you to work on time and when we get home it's eat, homework, bathe, story, bedtime. No time for cuddling and enjoying your family.  Because my baby is sick and I can't do all these doctor's appointments and work.  And even though your reason for coming home is noble, admirable, and it's the right thing to do; you get grief.  From parents, inlaws, co-workers, and even friends.  You feel isolated.  The world is going on without you and you are home watching Dinosaur train every day. 

Mocha Moms, Inc. was founded because the number of stay at home mothers of color is increasing rapidly.  We have no colleagues.  We're home (okay washing dishes, clothes, potty training, and vaccuming is not a luxury) while the rest of the world is working.  So when we get it all done and want a moment to catch up with friends, they're cooking and rushing and too tired.  Sure, there are plenty of support groups for SAHM's but sometimes, they aren't as welcoming.  Our organization welcomes all moms, regardless of color, race, income, and even educational level.  This is a group created to give you place of solace, support, encouragement, friendship, and most of all a sense of confirmation that you are not alone in your decision.  Whether you are transitioning from working a full time job to a home based business, work part time, are a home school mom, military mom, whatever- you're welcome! 


Comments: 10


1. Diaper Bag Stay-At-Home Mom  |  my website   |   Mon Jun 06, 2011 @ 03:36PM

This organization sounds great! I've recently become a stay at home mom as well (since having my first child) and I'd much rather spend time with my daughter, whether it's at home or packing a diaper bag to go out somewhere with her, than work in an office. I think it'd be great to start an organization like this in every city to support moms like us!

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